Mikes Upick gives back to their community

Mike’s U-Pick loves to grow fruit for local u-pick enthusiasts. But sometimes there aren’t enough pickers in a season to get all the fruit. That happened with their cherries in the summer of 2019, and Mike’s didn’t want the fruit to go to waste.

That’s when The Urban Farmers came to the rescue. Founded in 2008, this local non-profit, grass-roots, all-volunteer organization came through with a huge crew of pickers in early July and harvested 4,100 pounds of cherries. They help people find a way to share their excess backyard fruit with those in need; whether it’s one tree, or a whole orchard.

harvest crew from The Urban Farmers at Mike's Upick Cherry Orchard

So what happened to the 4,100 pounds of cherries? The lot was distributed between Hopehouse Brentwood Food & Clothing, White Pony Express, and St. Vincent de Paul of Contra Costa County.

We enjoyed knowing our fruit went to a good cause; to feed the hungry. We didn’t have to worry about the fruit rotting on the ground, and all the problems associated with that. It was a Win-Win situation all around.

Big thanks go to the The Urban Farmers! Visit their website if you’d like to register a tree or two that you’d like to donate the fruit because you just can’t eat it all, or you’d like to volunteer to help with harvesting. They’re always looking for volunteers!


Safety First While You Cherry UPick in Brentwood

You can’t imagine the crowds of excited people who come to Brentwood during our peak u-pick days. We suggest staying focused on safety when driving to the various u-pick locations here in town. Please have a plan for your travels; map out the orchards that you’d like to visit. “Harvest Time” has an app for your smartphone that has a produce directory with maps to all (alternatively, you may visit their website; www.harvestforyou.com). Taking the time to do this ahead of time will ensure driving in the safest manner, and you’ll have a much more enjoyable (less stressful!) time. See our driving tips below.

Mike’s U-Pick reminds you to be mindful of the following to stay SAFE!

  • Be proactive when driving around Brentwood; there will be HUNDREDS of cars roaming around, just like you are doing, during the u-pick season.lots of cars on country road
  • Do NOT make any U-turns (this is the biggest cause of an accident!)
  • Use extreme caution at all intersections.
  • Drive no more than the posted speed limit on each road, and use caution, for less is probably far better.
  • Don’t pull over in unsafe areas (with cars zipping past, for example).
  • Keep your eyes on the road, not your phone (your co-pilot should be the one reciting driving directions).
  • Watch out for other drivers (THEY may be the ones speeding, looking at their phone, or making a u-turn!)
  • Watch your kids at all times, don’t let them wander alone in the orchards.
  • Do not park or stop on the edge of any roads (again, you can’t imagine the crowds of cars) – drive further to find somewhere safe to pull over.
Mike’s wishes you happy picking, and to stay safe!