fresh red cherries on the tree - 2,000 cherry trees may have been destroyed by vandals at ext-49er's Brentwood cherry orchard, but Mike's U-Picks cherries are alive and well and waiting for you to come pick a bucketful! Located in the agricultural heart of Brentwood (Northern California), we offer a u-pick experience at its finest! Several varieties each of cherries, white and yellow nectarines, and white and yellow peaches. We are usually open for about 5 weeks, during the months of May and June.

We have two locations, both in Brentwood.





Visit the Our Produce page for maps to locate us.

In general, our orchards are open for only 4-6 weeks a year, starting in May of each year.

We will provide a bucket for picking, and the bag-liner inside (provided) is what you’ll use to take home your fruit.

Mike’s U-Pick is a proud member of ‘Harvest Time in Brentwood”. Harvest Time has a free phone app you can download to help you navigate Harvest Time phone appBrentwood’s wonderful produce stands. You can find it at the Google Android Play Store, or Apple iTunes store. The app looks like this image to the right.

  • Concord Avenue – Member # 6
  • Payne Avenue – Member # 60

For the best experience at one of our orchards, please note the following:

  • No Entry Fee
  • Free Parking
  • We accept Cash Only
  • Arrive early to beat the crowds (and heat), AND for best selection

For safety (and/or county health) reasons ~

  • Animals (except service dogs with harnesses and registration cards) are not allowed to enter the orchard
  • Picnics are not allowed
  • Children’s strollers are not allowed in the orchards
  • Adults (and your children) – do not climb the trees, the limbs may break, damaging the tree, and possibly injuring you (or your child)

The following items are RESTRICTED: (you’ll need to leave these at the front gate, or your car)

  • Chairs, Blankets, Mats
  • Bags, tupperware, strainers/colanders, napkins, paper towels
  • Food, Picnics, Drinking water in containers larger than 16 oz

Also, for your own comfort, please note these suggestions:

  • Wear comfortable shoes for walking over the uneven orchard grounds
  • Bring sunscreen for protection from the sun
  • Bring bottled water (small bottles, not jugs) to drink – it can be quite warm in Brentwood; stay hydrated!

Typical Business Hours: (subject to change, *see below)

We usually open in early-to-mid May every year, and stay open for 5 – 8 weeks. Once we are open, our business hours are generally:

Wednesday through Friday:   8:30 am to 3 pm
Saturday & Sunday:                  8:30 am to 3 pm
Mondays/Tuesdays:                 Closed

*We highly recommend checking for updates just before coming out to the orchard. Occasionally we must close due to weather, or muddy fields after a late watering day, or having to wait for more of the fruit to ripen.

Four ways to get business-hours updates:

  • Call our update line at (925) 698-7459  (updated daily during peak times)
  • Check our Facebook page
  • View the Business Hours section of this website (in the sidebar)
  • Subscribe to our Email blast